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A step back?

The political battle over the Common Core State Standards has come to Michigan. A measure prohibiting the Michigan Department of Education from spending funds on implementing national Common Core State Standards for mathematics and English has passed the Michigan House of Representatives and is headed to the Senate for a vote this week.


The shifting sands beneath the feet of educators continues to shift….


What implications does this have for teachers? districts? math teacher educators?


iPads in the high school math classroom

I’m teaching MATH 305, the technology course for preservice mathematics teachers, once again this semester and would like to incorporate the iPad into the course. If you know of good apps or great ways this technology is being used for the teaching & learning of high school mathematics, please share!

Teaching with technology

I’m teaching a course about the use of technology in teaching secondary mathematics. The predominate view of these preservice teachers on day one was that in their teaching they would teach the standard procedure to their students by hand, then after the students had mastered it they would teach them how to do the procedure with technology for the purpose of checking their answers. Do you agree with this view? Ideas for getting these teachers to view technology’s role differently?

New year, new excitement

Even after all these years of teaching, I still get excited about the first day of school! I’m looking forward to working with a great bunch of teachers (preservice & inservice) this year. What are you looking forward to about this year?

Thinking about summer school…

The topic of teaching a math class in a summer school session has been an issue at every location I’ve taught at. While no one seems to believe that the same amount of learning can occur in a summer session and a fall or winter session, we continue to offer the classes & give students equivalent credit for the courses. I’d like to hear what you think about this topic-leave a comment & let’s get the conversation going!

Graduate course on probability and statistics for teachers

I’ll be offering a new graduate course this fall at Eastern Michigan University, MATH 591:Probability and Statistics for Teachers.

The purpose of the course is to prepare teachers to teach probability and statistics at the middle and secondary levels, a strand emphasized in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics at these levels. This will be done through two approaches. First, we will engage in the content of probability and statistics suitable to the curricular topics of these school levels. Second, we will examine objectives, curriculum, research about student learning, and statistical knowledge for the teaching of probability and statistics.

The course meets at the main campus of Eastern Michigan University on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:10 p.m. during the Fall 2012 semester.

I’m really excited about the course and think that it will be a wonderful experience for all involved. Hope you can join us!

Graphs for determining association of variables

I received an interesting notice today which stated “Interpreting graphs intended to show covariation (i.e., scatterplots and two-way tables) presents challenges to college students, yet the Common Core State Standards now require the study of covariation in 8th grade.”.


This notice was in an advertisement for a webinar about a software program they are touting can make these graphs accessible to 8th graders. But I’m wondering what other ideas people have for helping 8th grade students who are 14 years old be ready to interpret such graphs. I’m also wondering if there are any concerns that 14 year olds aren’t developmentally ready for this. I’d love to hear from you!